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@russellcrowe and Other Updates Not of Note

So Russell’s deadline has come and gone, and rather than responding to my hella fascinating reply to one of his tweets about how many km he racked up cycling one day last week (I tweeted, “JEALOUS” {you’d respond, right?} not because I’m a cyclist- don’t even own a bike- but just because bike riding is fun, as is any outdoor exercise, and I was unable to engage in such pursuits that day), I say, rather than responding to my admirably succinct, drama-free portrayal of genuine emotion, he’s decided to retweet this little gem, from one “joanna:” Read more…

License to Muck Up

Well my friends, I’ve been feeling like I’ve shortchanged you by not posting any rants. The phrase “false advertising” comes to mind whenever my brain enters blogphase. (Yes, I will be trademarking that term. Don’t nobody try to tell me it’s already been coined ’cause I will throw down. And for those of you keeping track I’ve decided double negatives are now required in a rant for it to qualify as a bona fide rant.

Oh, Nefretiri, you just got SERVED! Moses ain’t got no time for your golden a$$! Moving on…) Read more…

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