run it off

Rant. Run. Write. Repeat.


Here, my friends, is a summary of the esteemed troupe of lacklusters (trademarkin’ it) whose behavior, manner, attitude, and/or all around irritation factor have subjected them to my ranting, with accompanying justifications for my antagonism.  The list is small for now, but you can expect that to change.  Possibly daily.

CELEBRITIES (though who knows why)

David Caruso (Horatio Caine- CSI:Miami) Where can I begin?  The hair, the way he walks around too cool for school all the time, never laughing because everything’s too melodramatically serious, constantly pulling that old push-the-jacket-back-to-either-side-and-place-hands-on-hips pose as if to say “Boy, I’m really down into the thick of this problem!”, THE SUNGLASSES THING, THE SUNGLASSES THING, the hair, and THE SUNGLASSES THING.


No, I don’t live near Mitt. He’s just oily, tan, and coiffed exactly like LTC.

LTC (Lincoln Town Car) You haven’t had the (dis)pleasure of getting to know this one very well yet, but his day is coming…






Russel Crowe Look, mate, I’d really hate to add you to this list, but I know you respond to commoner tweets and I’d like mine to be one of them.  Granted, my tweetbait (TM) wasn’t very witty or sex-kittenesque (I had one of those, but decided to keep it in the arsenal for the time being), but you gots to give me a glance for my twitter name alone.  You’re not unusual in ignoring my tweets, most everyone else does, but somehow I’d hoped you’d be different.  I may give you another shot at redemption when your time is up (see the countdown in the sidebar on my homepage) because you can pull off chubster middle-aged whistleblower with almost the same amount of sex appeal as hot to trot gladiator, but I haven’t made up my mind yet.


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