run it off

Rant. Run. Write. Repeat.

Registered Trademarks

All terms endemic to Run it Off can be found here, along with links to their first appearances.  (What do you mean, “too much time on my hands?”)

blog-los-sar-y  noun :  a glossary particular to a specific blog

blog-phase  noun :  a detached, dreamlike state of mind one enters when ruminating on and planning for one’s blog

*do-good-ing  verb :  similar to “doing good,” but cooler and way more fun to say

jive tur-key  noun : a naysayer, with a particularly cold delivery

lack-lus-ters   noun :  inept, irritating, miscreant, or otherwise anger-inducing people who also lack luster

nes-ted ran-ting  verb :  the practice of ranting on a subject in the midst of ranting on another topic

ran-ter   noun :  a person who, with wit, charm, and humor, rails against, grumbles about, insults, defames, or otherwise writes or behaves in exasperation and/or anger toward a person, place, or thing

run-ner  noun : a person who runs regularly by choice

tweet-bait  noun : a tweet intended to attract a celebrity’s attention

un-der-heard  verb/adj : thoughts heard inside one’s head, especially during a race- “racing thoughts”

wip  noun : short for “work in progress,” or one of my children

wri-ter  noun : a person who constructs beauty, sentiment, power, and human connection with words

*term first utilized in a Run it Off comment on another blog


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