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no! no! Oh No No!

no! no! working its magic… (Photo taken from Ginny McKnight’s Home Hair Removal Blog)

A friend of mine recently suggested I check out the latest product in hair removal: “no! no!”  I laughed, but listened.

Being no dummy, I don’t buy infomercials.  So I never followed through with this recommendation.  But anyone who can relate to the frustration I feel when I open the shower curtain after shaving and sprout goosebumps and all my hard work gets immediately wiped off the books will understand my harboring a little curiosity.  Maybe it really does work??

Someday I’ll have to check it out (but I’ll keep a low profile while doing it.  I have a reputation to keep, even if it’s only with myself) was basically how I left the issue.

That day has arrived.  I just had the pleasure of meeting no!no! on TV. Now I have to admit I was already in a cranky mood because I’d endured two CSI:Miami episodes in a row in the background while wandering online because I had no idea where the remote was and couldn’t be bothered to…oh, there it is, how did I not see that all this agonizing time?  Hang on… *YESSS* Inception‘s on…now I’m up for at least another hour.  Is the lovely Leonardo diCaprio dreaming at the end, or isn’t he?  Maybe my 78th viewing will give me the definitive proof I need to convince my sister that he is, in fact, still dreaming…

Yes, I do have a point.  Getting back to it…

I melt. Don’t you? (Photo courtesy CSI:wiki)

I was already in a bad mood due to the aforementioned torture (oh, Horatio, put those sunglasses on again.  Now take em off.  Wow, you know how to get me going.  Can you put them in your fluffy hair like a headband?  That’d be the ultimate.) and the neighbors’ loud-a$$ party that just might be taking place in my front yard (if I hear the phrase, “F***ing liar” one more time, it’s gon’ be Hancock up in hur- er, out there), and then came the commercial.

It started badly when they illustrated the benefits for men using the product by having a woman actually no!no! shaving her (much younger- ’cause cougars are in right now) man’s chest hair.  Um, EW?

Then you’re treated to a fully transparent explanation of how the product works.  Thermi-what?  What does that even mean?  I’m pretty sure I don’t need anything on my body “crystallized,” either, no matter what kind of hair prohibition benefits I might reap.  But hey, according to this legitimate, not at all a marketing ploy, made by a real woman like me blog, where for some reason the tag cloud and post history only include no!no! related topics, no!no! really works (Surprise!)

(The party is still goin’ strong, in case you were wondering.  “F***ing bastard” is the new phrase of choice and random female screams have been added for party fun effect.)

Anyway, I remain unconvinced that no!no! is the product for me.  It’s kinda scary-looking, to tell you the truth.  But then, so are modern razors.  Six.  Blades??  Seriously??? (I was just discussing this point in a comment on a very funny blog post tonight…you should check it out [the blog, not my comment]  Yes! right now- I’ll still be here when you get back.  You are coming back, right?)

I don’t really have anything more to say on this topic, but I said I’d be here, so…

Boy am I glad Inception’s on.

Just LOOK at this man. Best. Hair. Ever. (Photo credit:

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