run it off

Rant. Run. Write. Repeat.

For the Record

If it’s quantifiable and certifiable, you will find it here.


A list of all the people I have railed against, for one reason or another.  Explanations included.


A bloglossary (TM) of trademark-worthy Run it Off terms.


Chronicles the major characters in my life story, including Western Adventure (Wes), my husband extraordinaire, and my progeny, including Novella, Short Story, the Chipmunks, baby Niche, Prequel Sequel and various other works in progress.  {Under construction- heeheehee puns are fun…}


This collection represents some of my most glorious- or gloriously scathing- turns of phrase. {This page is under construction, but you can help.  If you have a passage in mind you feel deserves run-off status, mention it in the comments section of the post in which it appears, please and thanks, because no one likes to toot her own horn.  Not all the time, anyway.}

More to come!

Looking to rant off or run on about this?

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