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Pain, Pain, Go Away

It rained all night.  Heavily.  I enjoyed the sound of it around my house while I went about my chores and non-chores.

I did not enjoy the pain in my back that’s been hampering me for the last few days.  I’ve been taking the week off hoping it would improve with rest, ice, NSAIDs, etc., and it seemed a little better yesterday….unnnnntil I sat up late working on another post for a few hours in a folding chair.  Backtrack.

It’s been a weird day of opposing, yet interconnected forces.  This morning I poured myself a bowl of Love Crunch granola.  The chocolate and red berry blend.  Looks, sounds, and (if you could have been there) smells delicious, right?  It’s chocolate for breakfast.  What could go wrong?DSC01990

It went wrong.  At first it was yummy and I felt all healthy eating a good-for-you organic, minimally processed processed breakfast.  But somewhere in the next few minutes I suddenly felt I could not stomach another bite without losing the whole meal.  I ended up not being able to finish it.  Weird.

I know what you’re thinking.  No, I’m not pregnant.

I did give birth today, however.  This makes wee wip #9 or #10 (I’ve lost count).  She’s a fiesty little thing, but I think she’ll do well.  There aren’t many others out there like her so she’s got a good shot at cornering the market on her particular genre of genius when she grows up.  We’re all very proud.

Wes brought me the mail while I convalesced for a few hours.  We’d received several Christmas cards, including some with cash (thanks, Mom and Dad!) and this little lovely from AT&T.DSC01992

Yep, that’s right.  Merry Christma$ card$ followed by “Happy Holidays!  How’s about you give us cash for Christmas this year?”  Oooh, please?

Speaking of things worth celebrating, I’ve been waiting eagerly since late November for winter’s arrival.  The weather’s been crazy mild and often sunny and dry; not at all what I prefer at this time of year.  Today I got my wish, only not really.  Sharply dropping temps paired with the winds of insanity gave us biting gales and windchill factors that burned my hands whenever my gloves were off.  Oddly enough, though, the bitter, bitter conditions soothed me (psychologically speaking).  Nobody was out running in this weather.  I couldn’t have run tonight, back pain or no.  So for the first time in several days I didn’t have to look on longingly when passing runners or my normal run routes as I drove.

I didn’t have to, but I did anyway.

It was kind of like the two seconds this afternoon when the sun broke through the clouds and shone directly on my little portion of the earth, and I thought the warmth was about to take over, only to watch heavy grey swallow the light and close it off for the rest of the day.

And now it’s late again, and I’m up with a sore back, again.  I’m thinking I’ll go cap off the night with some M&M’s or other such.

It’s chocolate for dessert.  What could go wrong?

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4 thoughts on “Pain, Pain, Go Away

  1. Everything goes better with chocolate.

  2. Sorry about the back pain, and the granola. 🙂 Another good read, I enjoyed it! Run On!

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