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The Finish Line (or Something Like it) and Playing Chicken

A commercial meat chicken production house in ...

It’s the last day of November.  Time to reflect on my accomplishments over the past 30 days.  No doubt about it, this was an expensive, intense, break-neck speed a big month around here, so let’s just see where we are…

Accomplishments for the month of November

  1. Started NaNoWriMo.  Not as in founding it, of course.  But I did sign up and work on my novel, if meagerly, and enlisted a friend while I was at it.  Gotta count for something, right?
  2. Ran my first 5K race and did it pretty easily, 4 weeks after I began running.  Awesome day.  And not just because they gave us desserts at the finish line.
  3. Resisted the urge to overcook last night’s chicken casserole and no one in the house became violently ill or died.  Stop laughing.  This is a tremendous accomplishment for me.  My raw chicken fear will, I’ve no doubt, get its own post (menu slot?) at some point and then you’ll read all about my trials and feel really bad about what you did just now.  For the moment, trust me and give me some props.  I played chicken with a chicken, and it balked (laughter now appropriate, because that was freakin’ hilarious).
  4. Fulfilled 6-month-long dream to start a blog.  A kick ass one, at that.  Keep your comments to yourselves if you don’t agree.  Like Mama said, if you can’t say anything nice…make crap up.  Nah, don’t lie.  If there’s anything I can’t stand it’s fake regard.  Let’s stick with the Shut Yo’ Mouth Plan for Naysayers, at least until I feel adept enough at this stuff not to care.  Should be in about…some number of years.
  5. Somehow was able to surpass 100 hits in two weeks of doing this without being too aggressive in courtin’ em.  Little victories, people.  And thank you all for making it happen.  It’s nice to be noticed:)

A pretty good month, all in all.

Raw chicken fillet

The stuff nightmares are made of


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6 thoughts on “The Finish Line (or Something Like it) and Playing Chicken

  1. You’re right about the raw chicken. Campylobacter is nobody’s friend.

  2. “And not just because they gave us desserts at the finish line.” Really? Isn’t that a great reason to run? My favorite races tend to have little to do with the course and everything to do with the post-race food. Races with hot food get bonus points. Running your first 5K just 4 weeks after starting running is really incredible! Keep it up!

    • Thank you!! I was really excited about it…it made me a race junkie:)

      I’m in agreement with you on the deciding factor in race selection. Food, medals, running shirts, reindeer antlers…gotta be something cool and/or delicious to catch my interest.

      Thanks for the like and the encouragement…really pumped me up:)

  3. Chicken is gross… It’s taken me years to get over it.

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