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Running With the Night

Run dark...

Run dark… (Photo credit: clogsilk)

It’d been three days since my last run, and it was getting to me. That “I need to get out and GO” twitch can be mighty anxiety-provoking. I should have gone this morning, but one thing led to another and before I knew it the night was upon me, leaving me with a choice: go after dark, sticking to busy (or as busy as any street can be on a Sunday night), well-lit streets, or unbelievably early tomorrow morning. I didn’t want to let the day pass without getting my run in. Night run it was.

Do you prefer the late night or early morning run? I think I’m partial to the latter. I like being awake before the rest of the world, out there knocking it out with a huge head start on the slumbering. Especially on weekends. Only the truly dedicated drag themselves from cozy beds into misty morning chills to meet the sun on a Saturday, right?

But there is something victorious about running with the night. You have to keep your wits about you; nasty things hide out there in the dark, from shadowed debris in the road to creepy dudes hanging out by their pickup trucks at the gas station, but you can put that fear in your back pocket- still there in case you need it, but keeping a low profile so as to let the the star of the show *the run* take center stage- allowing you to give your efforts the attention they deserve. Of course I say a little prayer for protection before I set out, and I don’t exactly do anything overly reckless, but it’s nigh unto triumph to complete a night run alone with nothing but passing cars, fast food restaurants and streetlights to keep you company. One more step taken in confidence and capability. One more life experience I know many other people will never have.

So now I’ve got that nagging feeling out of my system for at least another day. And on top of that, landing on the title for this post threw me waaaay back to the eighties and a little Lionel Richie tune that goes a little something like this:

I had completely forgotten Lionel had moves…why has he not made an appearance as a contestant on Dancing With the Stars yet???

Until next time, my friends, enjoy the night, and if you get the opportunity, get out into it and run it off!*

*Only when it’s safe to do so, of course. Don’t go being all foolish and getting yourself into something scary and then come crying to me about it later. 100% rant fodder for sure. So be smart about it, ok? Check out these tried and true safety tips for running after dark. Stay alert, stay seen, and stay alive!

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10 thoughts on “Running With the Night

  1. It’s taken some time, but I love running in the dark. Whether it’s before or after work, it’s just about always dark right now and I’m not a treadmill fan, so there’s no choice but to embrace the night! A good reflective vest and headlamp go a long way in building confidence to run in the dark.

    • Agree completely. I just got back from a daylight run on a very busy street and found the experience- oddly enough- disarming. I missed the solitude and cloaking the darkness provides. And I second your disdain for treadmills. What’s the point?;) Thanks for taking a look at my blog- happy night running!

  2. Also, hit your own “like” button when you post.

  3. Great advice! I’ll have to check out his blogs. Thanks!

  4. Totally related to this post. I feel like I am loosing it if I don’t run at least every other day! Like how you related the riskiness of night running. My runs often involve herds of wild elk or antelope. I don’t mind the antelope, but I am cautious with the elk. I have to keep an eye out for the possible mountain lion, but those sightings are rare, they usually occupy themselves with the many deer in the area. Love Lionel, Running with the Night was one of my favs.

    • Can’t imagine having to contend with elks!! Prob less menacing than self car wash creepies, though…

      Glad you enjoyed the throwback…I loved that one, too!

      Today I had to go shopping instead of running…is there anything worse?

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